Happy Holidays! Winter 2017 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Appealing to You for the Holidays-
Why We Do
What We Do

“Because of the Center’s Young Adult Support (YACS) group led by Stephanie- I’m able to process all of my feelings and emotions around being diagnosed and fighting cancer with those who understand exactly what I’m going through.”

“Your Food Bank got me through the weekend. My rent was due and I didn’t have the money for Ensure which is expensive and practically the only thing I can eat because of being sick from treatment.”
“Wendy truly helped me sort out some issues that got even worse with cancer. I feel lucky to have found someone who helped me learn to focus on what’s important and what’s not.”

Patients and family members have relied on our free services for 29 years. The Center is a Pittsburgh-based charity with no national office and all funds raised here stay here to help area residents. During the holiday season, we ask that IF you are able, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount (by check, or online at our website www.cancercaring.org/donate) and we will include your name in our next Live Well newsletter.

We are honored to have assisted patients since 1988 with free services, no matter where they are receiving medical treatment.

The holidays can be particularly difficult to celebrate when you or a loved one is ill. Please remember that we have support groups, wellness activities and individual counseling (in person or over the phone). We are here for you today AND here for your tomorrows!

Happy Holidays! Rebecca, Robin, Wendy and Stephanie